- Customer service Appreciation;

- Safety in operations;

- FertMinas ensures agility in the production and fast delivery of the loads, providing peace of mind regarding the safety of the requested product;

- FertMinas has a partnership with one of the most reputable delivery carriers in the industry;

- Quality standard in all the products offered, being able to adapt to any need that the client may have, always delivering what is promised, not containing product variations, we work with quality raw materials, which do not harm the environment, on the other hand they add quality, generating commitment and responsibility to the environment.


FertMinas works with high technology to provide the best product for its customers.

Modern software: the tools used by FertMinas help control the inventory of raw materials and product dosages.

We also have state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to perform tests, develop and guarantee the best quality of the products offered by the company.

All to guarantee and provide the best cost / benefit to our client.

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