Concerned about serving customers with quality and ecologically correct products, it is a company with 100% vegetable and biodegradable products, offering high performance products that do not harm the environment, thus contributing to a better world.





It is a black liquid color additive, 100% vegetable organic compound, applied to powder control in fertilizers NPK, SSP, TSP, MAP, DAP, SAM. Fert Oil MW has a high adhesiveness, causing the powder present in the fertilizer to be glued to the grain, thus avoiding loss of material. It is an additive of easy applicability, being applied at room temperature, which assists in a uniform and intense coloration to the grain of fertilizer.

Fert Oil MW is a biodegradable compound that contains no heavy metals or toxic substances.










It is a 100% vegetable based additive specially developed for micronutrient adhesion in NPK fertilizers, which can be used as emulsion and / or capture. Due to its adhesiveness, the micronutrient powder is completely fixed to the fertilizer grain, resisting long periods of storage.

Fert Oil Micromais is a biodegradable compound that contains no heavy metals or toxic substances.








Aiming at the need of the industries of limestone, FertMinas has developed Fert Oil Calcoat, a 100% vegetal, high performance coating additive specially developed for application in Granular Limestone fertilizer. Fert Oil Calcoat has the function of reducing the powder of the granular limestone, increasing the hardness of the grain and an intense coloration.

Fert Oil Calcoat is a biodegradable compound that contains no heavy metals or toxic substances.










It is a 100% liquid vegetable additive, composed of derived vegetable oils and coloring agents, applied to control hygroscopicity and adhesion of micronutrient powder in urea. Fert Oil UW Plus is a readily available applicator in several colors, which promotes intense and uniform coloration of the urea grain.

Fert Oil UW Plus is a biodegradable compound that contains no heavy metals or toxic substances.











The Fert Oil KW product line, specially developed for treatment of KCL, applied for dust control and improvement of the appearance of the fertilizer.
Fert Oil KW additives are easy to apply as they are applied at room temperature, which facilitates uniform grain coverage.

In the line Fert Oil KW we have the colorless version that does not change the coloration of the grain of KCL, but gives the fertilizer a better appearance.

The KW Plus and KW RED versions are red color additives, improving the appearance of the grain with its intense red color and uniform.

Products of the Fert Oil KW range are of vegetable origin and contain no heavy metals or toxic substances.












The FertMinas oil based product line counts on traditional products, already existing in the market, but with a superior quality due to carefully selected raw materials.

They are mixtures of vegetable and mineral oils, applied for dust control in NPK, SSP, TSP, MAP and DAP fertilizers. Besides the anti-dusting action, it also has a certain anti-cacking action, and can also be used for micronutrient adhesion.

From this line, the Fert Oil CW 200, OW 50 and OW 100 products are applied at room temperature, Fert Oil CW 600 is recommended to be applied at 40 ° C and Fert Oil CW 1000 is recommended to be applied at 80 ° C. All the products of this line are of easy applicability within the recommended temperature, which facilitates for a uniform coverage of the grain of fertilizer and an intense coloration. The main difference between them is viscosity, application temperature and coloration.











It is a liquid additive especially developed to cover and control the volatization of nitrogen present in urea. It has the function of inhibiting the enzyme inactivating the enzyme, delaying the initiation of the reactions that lead to the hydrolysis of urea, thus reducing the degree of volatilization of the nitrogen present in the urea.


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