Demand for orange increases 30% in April due to Coronavirus


Rich in vitamin C, fruit is associated with the fight against flu and increased resistance. It is worth remembering that there is no scientific study to prove the efficiency of orange in curing Covid-19.

The orange sector was positively impacted by the new coronavirus pandemic. Rich in vitamin C and associated with increased resistance in cases of common flu, the fruit juice has increased by more than 25% in the international market, and negotiations remain high.

In the first week of April, domestic consumption is also high, about 30% more than in the same period last year. Even with a greater demand in this off-season, there is no lack of oranges in the Brazilian market, and prices are beginning to show signs of retreat.

It is worth reinforcing that there is no scientific confirmation that vitamin C fights the new coronavirus, but it helps in the general health of our body.

Currently, orange growers are against the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. The months of February, March, April and May coincide with the off-season of Brazil's orange, a time with less product available and higher prices.

“As far as possible, we were lucky in this sector, a luxury that other sectors did not have”, explains Ibiapaba Netto, executive director of the association that represents the industries in the activity (CitrusBR).

For Netto, the strong rise of the product in the international market has its origin.

“We have two explanations: the first - and most obvious - is that orange juice is, without a doubt, the most available source of vitamin C on the market. Another reason was the rush of people to supermarkets, which must have anticipated purchases ”, he explains.

However, the director of the Campinas Agronomic Institute (IAC), Marcos Machado, says that the price increase that is being seen now should not increase the gains of the rural producers who delivered the orange to the industries before the crisis.

“The industry has its stocks of juice. So, she is selling, perhaps, today the harvest of the previous year, which is in stock. It is very difficult to pass on prices (to the farmer) ”, he says.

Even so, in a domino effect, the demand for fresh orange in the domestic market also skyrocketed. This variety is still in the harvest period, which can help farmers to get better prices for the fruit.

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